Character Series - Fringe: Astrid Farnsworth

Thank you, agent Farnsworth.

You’re welcome, agent Farnsworth.

What you said before… my father—we’re not very close either. He’s a very complex man who doesn’t show emotion. He does the best with the tools he has. It’s just how he is. I know he loves me. At least… that’s what I tell myself, even though it doesn’t really seem that way. You shouldn’t regret that you could’ve been more for him. It wasn’t you.


“And they lowered the box down into the ground, and we put down flowers. And I didn’t know where to go. Because the park was so cold”

Alt!strid Farnsworth, 04x11 ‘Making Angels’


Fringe 4.11


New fan art for Fringe, inspired by an interview with Jasika Nicole in which she expressed her #1 wish for season 4: Astrid having and firing a gun! (I can’t find the video now, but this interview expresses a similar wish.)
I want this, too! Make it so! It’s been nagging at me since season 2 that we almost never see Astrid out of the lab, let alone in action-action.
In any case, the description for the Astrid-centric episode, Making Angels (Feb 3), sounds really promising. Can’t wait!

Original art available on my blog.